The Importance of Effective Content Management and Marketing for your Website

A website is only as good as its content and tired, old and irrelevant copy and media will not help with SEO or encourage lead generation. Effective content management is what is needed to succeed.


Content-MarketingThe majority of businesses have a website. Some are better designed than others however even ones made with a free template will do the trick provided that all of the boxes are ticked with regards to design, usability and of course the quality of the content.


Tired web copy, out of date blogs and pictures that are well past their sell by date do not inspire visitors and will add a negative edge to the brand identity that has taken so long to build. The way to really make your website work for you is to have a content management system which is current, up to date, focussed on the brand message and engages with the public.


  • Focus on Different Website Types

Deploying an effective content management system does not mean that every three weeks you need to rewrite your static pages such as your “About Us” or “FAQ” sections. These do need to be periodically updated, especially when changes to your business or terms and conditions come into force. This content is however less important in terms of being updated very regularly to keep it fresh though should always be relevant and up to date.
Dynamic pages which might include your blog, special offer pages, news updates and similar do need special attention as these are the places that people will look first for what they need.


  • Consider Media Types

Lots of text is fine when it is needed. Some visitors however don’t want to feel they are sitting down to a lengthy article in the Times when all they want to know what the business is up to nowadays. Keep web copy brief, break it up, and use audio, visual and interactive content types to display information in an alternative way which grabs the attention and keeps people’s interest. From a content marketing point of view it is much easier and indeed fruitful to share attention grabbing content than it is plain blog post after blog post.


  • Be Consistent

When you refresh your content do make sure that new posts and information are grammatically correct, engaging, brand orientated and fit well with the overall tone of voice that the reader expects from your brand. Many business owners hire copywriters either in-house or as a freelancer to produce ghost written copy on a regular basis in order to keep content fresh and SEO optimised.


  • Structure Your Content Marketing to Allow Flexibility for Current Events


Having scheduled blog posts, tweets, updates and more may be advantageous in terms of organisation and maximising exposure however do allow for some flexibility so that your business may benefit from special events that are out in the public eye. The recent birth of the new royal baby is a great example as many businesses used the announcement to launch a sale, offer congratulations to the happy couple and similar. Those who did not missed out on a valuable marketing experience.


With a little forward planning your content marketing campaign will completely alter the effectiveness or your business website or blog to your advantage.


Written by Duncan Cumming

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