Effective Ways to Incorporate SEO into Social Media

Search Engine Optimization is a popular and effective method used on the internet to attract visitors to your website. The use of SEO on its own is no longer enough, however, and this why an increasing number of companies are incorporating SEO into their social media platforms. There are several ways you can achieve this in a simple but effective way. Content The content used on your social media is crucial for building up an audience and continuous traffic to your website. There is no need to overload your content with SEO though; you need to make sure it’s interesting and people will want to read, like and more importantly, share it with others.  Google is a lot stricter with web content these days and articles which are purely created to optimize SEO, so be careful or you may find yourself banned! You can still incorporate SEO into your content, but still make it readable and interesting content which others will enjoy. Don’t let your content remain static, keep updating it regularly and most importantly, ensure it is relevant. Remember that your content will be read by human beings! Communicate It is imperative that you communicate with your visitors regularly as this will create a bit of a buzz around your social media platform. For instance, start up a conversation, ask questions, make use of competitions and offers; all of these strategies will help you to attract visitors and keep their interest. You can incorporate SEO into your conversations, without making it obvious. Links You can use SEO in any links you send out to attract visitors to your website. Twitter in particular is very good for this as people tend to search for particular #hashtags.  If you want to get visitors to your social media accounts, you really need to make effective use of your links as they are a really good way of promoting these and your website. Titles The title of the content on your social media will be scooped up by Google if it makes use of SEO, so this is another effective way of using it to your advantage. Try and move away from generic titles as there is too much competition for these, make yours stand out and create titles which make people unable to resist finding out more! It is a good idea to put yourself in the position of the person searching or reading for your product or service and come up with a title that would grab your own attention. SEO in social media is a good way to make sure you attract people to your website and quality content will sustain their interest and ensure they share with others. If you are not quite sure how to achieve this, you may wish to enlist the expertise of an SEO consultancy who will be able to deal with this for you and help drive more traffic to your website and create a buzz around your product.

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