Cost Effective Ways to Market your Business

If you mention SEO or any other type of online marketing to many people, they will wonder what on earth you are talking about. There are many businesses who don’t even consider the prospects available to them by implementing a marketing campaign and many would shrug it off as being too expensive, without knowing the true costs. Marketing does not have to be costly and in fact, there are many strategies you can use which are actually cost-free.


Web Content

It is imperative that you start your marketing with your website and make sure this is flawless before you move on to any other marketing strategies. The content of your website should make use of SEO, although it should not be littered with keywords. You should have around 2/3 keywords on each page and ensure that your website is easy to use and navigate around so that when visitors find your website, they will want to stay and re-visit. You can learn more about SEO in your web content in this article.


Another cost effective way to market is making use of SEO in articles. You can create articles which have a link to your website and post them on free directories or submit guest posts to other relevant websites with SEO incorporated within them. This can be very time consuming though, so if you don’t have the resources, it may be worthwhile looking into a digital marketing company to take this task on for you. It can still be cost effective to do this as you will be getting insight from experts who will dedicate a lot of time and attention to marketing your articles.

Social Media

Social media is one of the most effective ways to target a captive audience and one of the best features about this is that it is absolutely free. You can set up a fresh page for your business on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other platform you can think of, advertise your products and incorporate SEO into it. Social media is only ever effective for a business if you have the time and resources to put into it as you need to make sure your content is always kept relevant and up-to-date.


Build up a network of businesses within your own niche as they may be able to help you with your marketing campaign. These things often work on a ‘You scratch my back, I’ll scratch your back’ basis and you never know where this could take your business. For instance, you may wish to post an article on a very highly ranked website and the owner may agree as long as you post one of their articles on your own website. These situations are common ways of marketing in the industry and can be a highly cost effective way of achieving some good results. The more you grow your network, the better your chances of a successful marketing campaign. You can learn more about networking by reading this interesting article.


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