Maximising the Potential of Your Guest Posting Campaign

imagesGuest posting is a common marketing tool used by businesses to gain more exposure. It involves writing an article with a hyperlink to your business at the bottom, finding a relevant website to post it on and requesting to do so by the website owner. It can be a really effective way of promoting your brand and gaining as much exposure as possible. In order to maximise the potential of your guest posting campaign, you should try and incorporate search engine optimisation as much as possible.


Good Content


The most important aspect of guest posting is to ensure that what you write is high quality and engaging for the reader, otherwise your campaign will be pointless. The aim of guest posting is to encourage traffic to your website, so you really need to give the reader a reason to want to click on your hyperlink. High quality content is the way to do this as it will encourage the reader to sit up and take notice. Take time to write your content, rather than just throwing it together. If you don’t have the expertise for this, a specialist external agency may be able to help. You should aim to use a target keyword in at least the title and the first paragraph of your article.


Relevant Topics


The content of your guest post should be relevant to the website you are posting on, so make sure you bear this in mind before you write it. The readers will already have some sort of interest in this subject if they are on the website, which is why you should write content which is relevant to them. Visitors are much more likely to click on your link if they believe your website will offer information that they really want to know about.


High Ranking


There is no point in using a website for your guest post which rarely has any traffic; otherwise it will be a wasted effort. You can easily check the page ranking of the website and whether it is high enough to be worth posting onto. The website may look good, but this doesn’t mean it is popular so a bit of research will be required. The higher the ranking, the more traffic, which means the better your results are likely to be.


Social Connections


If you use Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms as part of your business, you can incorporate these into your guest posting. Depending on how many links the website owner will allow you to put on the author bio, you can have a link to your website and to your social media page.


Sporadic Posts


It is important to gain exposure but also to ensure you don’t saturate the market as this can be very off-putting. You should choose your guests posts wisely and keep them to a minimum. It is more important to post onto a high ranking website, rather than the amount.  You can find out more about using guest posts to your advantage by looking at the following video. Further reading on the benefits of guest posting can be found at here.