Content Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Business

Content Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Business

business-boost-logo-webThe Internet has become our number one source of information, so it is no wonder that businesses are paying more attention to the content of their websites, social media, blogs etc. When you are sitting with your friends and someone poses a question, what is the first response people have? It’s usually ‘I’ll Google it.’ Informative and up-to-date content is the reason why consumers will be attracted to your website in the first instance and will keep coming back for more. There are various content marketing strategies you can implement in order to boost your business results. This video will tell you a bit more about content marketing strategies and how to make them as effective as possible.



  • Unique

One of the most important content marketing strategies is to ensure all your content is unique and not a replicate of any other work you have seen. People want to read fresh and interesting news, they don’t want to read content they already found elsewhere two months ago, so resist the temptation to do this. It is perfectly acceptable to take bits and pieces from other relevant articles you have read, but always put your own spin on it and make it as unique as you possibly can.


  • Invest

In order to get results from your content marketing strategy, you will have to expect to invest a lot of time and money into it. If you don’t have the time to keep on top of your content marketing, you should hire an agency with the expertise to do it. You don’t just need to consider the quality of your content but also how to incorporate SEO and to improve your ranking on Google. All of these aspects have to be taken into account as part of your content marketing strategy and it is not always easy to do this without some good investment.  You can read more about web content and SEO by reading the following article.


  • Regular

If you want to operate a successful marketing strategy, you will have to ensure you update your content on a regular basis. If you remain static it will not only affect your Google ranking, but it will also put off your potential customers. If you don’t have the time or resources to do this yourself, you will need to hire an external agency to take care of it, as it is vital as part of your marketing campaign. You should aim to update your web content on a weekly basis at least, more frequent if possible.


  • Imagine

You need to use your imagination when implementing your content marketing strategy. Instead of thinking about what you would like to read about or what your colleagues may be interested in, try to put yourself in the shoes of the consumers. Consider what is relevant to them and how you can engage their interest. If you are not quite sure where to begin with this, you can always conduct some market research to get a better insight. Again, you may want to invest some time and money into this and this may be in the form of an external agency that has more expertise.

The Importance of Effective Content Management and Marketing for your Website

A website is only as good as its content and tired, old and irrelevant copy and media will not help with SEO or encourage lead generation. Effective content management is what is needed to succeed.


Content-MarketingThe majority of businesses have a website. Some are better designed than others however even ones made with a free template will do the trick provided that all of the boxes are ticked with regards to design, usability and of course the quality of the content.


Tired web copy, out of date blogs and pictures that are well past their sell by date do not inspire visitors and will add a negative edge to the brand identity that has taken so long to build. The way to really make your website work for you is to have a content management system which is current, up to date, focussed on the brand message and engages with the public.


  • Focus on Different Website Types

Deploying an effective content management system does not mean that every three weeks you need to rewrite your static pages such as your “About Us” or “FAQ” sections. These do need to be periodically updated, especially when changes to your business or terms and conditions come into force. This content is however less important in terms of being updated very regularly to keep it fresh though should always be relevant and up to date.
Dynamic pages which might include your blog, special offer pages, news updates and similar do need special attention as these are the places that people will look first for what they need.


  • Consider Media Types

Lots of text is fine when it is needed. Some visitors however don’t want to feel they are sitting down to a lengthy article in the Times when all they want to know what the business is up to nowadays. Keep web copy brief, break it up, and use audio, visual and interactive content types to display information in an alternative way which grabs the attention and keeps people’s interest. From a content marketing point of view it is much easier and indeed fruitful to share attention grabbing content than it is plain blog post after blog post.


  • Be Consistent

When you refresh your content do make sure that new posts and information are grammatically correct, engaging, brand orientated and fit well with the overall tone of voice that the reader expects from your brand. Many business owners hire copywriters either in-house or as a freelancer to produce ghost written copy on a regular basis in order to keep content fresh and SEO optimised.


  • Structure Your Content Marketing to Allow Flexibility for Current Events


Having scheduled blog posts, tweets, updates and more may be advantageous in terms of organisation and maximising exposure however do allow for some flexibility so that your business may benefit from special events that are out in the public eye. The recent birth of the new royal baby is a great example as many businesses used the announcement to launch a sale, offer congratulations to the happy couple and similar. Those who did not missed out on a valuable marketing experience.


With a little forward planning your content marketing campaign will completely alter the effectiveness or your business website or blog to your advantage.


Written by Duncan Cumming

How to Ensure Your Web Content is Worth Link Clicking


The whole point of creating content which is engaging and interesting is to encourage readers to click on the link which will lead them to your website. If you don’t create good web content, visitors will pass the page without bothering to delve any further, which is not what you want to happen. You can find out more about strategic link building by clicking on this video. You can publish content on your own website or you may wish to use guest posts to explore your options; either way there are various methods you can use to ensure you captivate the interest of your readers.


  • Relevant Content

Whether your article is going to be published on your own website or that of someone else, you need to ensure it is relevant. It should tie in with the general theme of the website, otherwise you won’t be targeting the right type of people, which means they are unlikely to want to be interested enough to click on your link. Guest posts can be a good form of marketing to get your website well known and you can guarantee that website owners will not accept your article if it is not relevant to the theme of their website. You need to use a targeted approach when creating articles, so you ensure you are engaging the right type of audience.

  • Use Keywords

It is important to optimise your content with the right keywords, so that readers will easily find it when they search on Google. There is so much content on the internet these days that it is highly competitive, so you need to ensure you make use of search engine optimisation to enable you to achieve results. If you are unsure about the best approach to use when it comes to search engine optimisation, you may wish to enlist the help of an SEO consultancy who have the expertise required to ensure your content is easily found by the right audience.

  • Be Unique

There is nothing worse than reading the same types of articles over and over again, which don’t really inform you in any way, but instead are quite obviously just thrown together for the sake of it. Your content should be engaging, interesting and offer something different from the vast amount of similar articles out there on the internet. There is no need to fill it with jargon, just simple language which will relate to the masses. Take time over your web content and ensure you have something to bring to the table. It should inform the reader and allow them to find out new information that perhaps they had never even heard of before.

Google is becoming increasingly selective about the type of web content they will rank highly and this is why you no longer find the vast amounts of articles which are just littered with keywords and are in no way beneficial to the reader. You should bear this in mind and create worthwhile content which will make the reader unable to resist finding out more. You can read more about the benefits of web content by reading this further information.